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Gosh [Nov. 17th, 2006|10:19 am]
Well Im supposed to be in maths now and surprise, surprise, IM NOT.
So chances are they are going to kick me out in 3 weeks, i'm thinking PIT THEM TO THE POST. (is it pit or pick?) anyway... Monday im going to talk to mr maths and be like yoyoo.. this is too much, how about i dont do it no more? SAFE.
then they will kick me out of college for not doing enough subjects.
Then i will get pregnant, get a council flat, and live off benifits. SOUND LIKE A PLAN OR WHAT?

Yesterday was a jokesting. Me and the bredrins pooled our money together and raised 57p and went SAINSURYS ECONOMICAL RANGE shopping. After strong deliberation between shit bread and cold beans and nice bread on its own, we asked a random man for 1p and got DOH-NUTS.

Failed politics test.
Painted in art and lies about having done work.
Got stood up by jamie. (well he was late and i left)

Had the shittest nights sleep, whereas i went to bed well early (like 10) woke up about 3.30 and couldnt sleep again til 7 then couldnt wake up in the morning for college.
Which wasnt all bad because i got to watch the dark angel i missed. WHO YOU CALLING LAME?