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hes a dick [Nov. 13th, 2006|12:51 am]
jamesey dangerous« says:
wsara hates me
**EmBob** says:
i saw the comment
**EmBob** says:
she doesnt hate you
**EmBob** says:
she is devestated because she thinks you hate her
**EmBob** says:
appologise perfusely
jamesey dangerous« says:
for once i am actually truly sorry

For ONCE? What about all the fucking times he stoood me up and left me on my fucking lonesome when i really just wanted to see him more than anything?

allow him.

My day was shit. The kids stood me up. I think it was because there were no trains. Tomorrow will be NANG. No college. And I am going to a FREE gig. And me and francesca are going to play in camden all day and i want to stalk james. Hes meeting some gash at 12 outside JDs in camden so we can follow hima nd take pictures and send them to him on the pretend myspazz account i made with some next fat girls pictures. HAHAA.

I think he still doesnt like seeing me. I dont think he dislikes it that much anymore either.
Maybe he's avoiding me because he likes next gash and doesnt want me to seduce him.
Maybe he meets BARE gash so that cant be the reason?
He did stand up some girl who's IN LOVE with him saturday though. gosh.. isnt he the devil?

Oh my.. this has turned into james's blog.